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A letter from the village

"Every summer I go to the Village of Shanevo.
I like country life and people over there..."

Anatoly and Natalia

Anatoly and Natalia

A letter from the village

"...I'm writing to you from Shanevo, where I live all by myself. Today I woke up early, just as the sun was a little above the forest's horizon. I went to the lake and got into my boat to go fishing... It seems strange, but I feel a great pleasure to be all by myself, to live as a hermit. There are people living in the village, but not many."

"Noone has lived in our family house for five years. My uncle told me I can have the house. When I entered it for the first time, it smelled of dampness.
Nothing but memories filled up the space.
I could feel the presence of the people who used to live here. Soon I'll get used to this feeling".
"I hired a local carpenter Serega to fix some things around the house. He has a very local dialect and ads "Storm!" to everything he says.
I asked him if there a lot of mushrooms in the woods. He said: "Storm!"
I assumed it meant that the number of mushrooms met the highest level of his expectations..."

"I was so surprised yesterday! I went to the lake to check on my boat. I saw big (15 sm in diametr) oval foot prints - it looked like unknown animal. These foot-prints were going around my boat and disappeared in the dark water of the lake...
It gave me goosebumps!
I imagined a monster, as hairy as the mammoth - ichthyosaurus or at least a hippopotamus, nourishing himself with local water-lilies.
I learned what happened a little later. Local "uncle Misha" needed big stones for his bath-house. He found suitable stones at the lake. He took them. The only evidence left of these stones were deep prints...
That is how illusions and legends are born..."

My old house

© Translation - Natalia Tuchina

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